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Why you should


Having your piano tuned can seem like an expensive gimmick to spending more money on an instrument that already cost you several thousands of dollars. The piano tuners don’t really need to service it, they just want to rip you off. Well, the following 2 points will show you how untrue that way of thinking really is.




The first reason why you should get your piano tuned regularly is that it noticeably improves the sound. Playing on a freshly tuned piano is a much more enjoyable experience to the player, and to those listening, than playing a piano which hasn’t been tuned for over a year. A piano can start to sound like one of those honky tonk pianos from those old western films (this is not a desired outcome), and even worse, you may find that some of the keys stop funtioning. How can you practice on a piano that doesn’t sound anything like your teacher’s piano? You will teach your ear to expect an off pitch sound so once you play on a tuned piano, you will be surprised at how different it sounds and even question if you are playing the correct keys.




Regular piano tunings can also prevent damage. Correct (and constant) string tension is important to the health of many delicate piano parts – parts which are very expensive to fix. Tunings help these parts work together smoothly, preventing damage to (and from) neighboring pieces. Considering that your piano was a sizeable purchase, you wouldn’t want the money you invested to go to waste. A well-maintained piano will hold its value compared to a badly maintained piano, which will eventually cost more to fix than it would be for someone to buy it from you.


Contrary to what many people think, pianos go out of tune due to changes in temperature and humidity, not through playing (unless the piano is being played for 8+ hours a day). As the weather and humidity can fluctuate so wildly (especially in Australia), it is recommended having your piano tuned twice a year, with once a year being the mininum.


The tuner I use and recommend is:

Tony O'Reilly

0410 498 560


So hopefully from now on you will now have a beautifully tuned piano playing in your home.

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