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Kristy Bondeson Piano Studio

My goal is to share my passion for music with my students, where learning the piano is a fun, relaxed and enjoyable process rather than a compulsory study. I focus on growing a solid foundation and love of the instrument and process, instead of working on exams and competitions. I have now been teaching the piano for over 15 years.


Developing a strong relationship with each student gives me the ability to adapt to their individual learning style and give the support they need to learn the piano well. I make sure that each student fully understands each component of music, physically and mentally so they never feel out of their depth.

My in-home teaching studio is located in Robina on the Gold Coast

Piano Teacher in Robina



Unique teaching style


My main teaching philosophy is that I am process-orientated instead of results orientated. It is more important to me to build a strong foundation instead of working towards quick results. We work towards finding joy in understanding each musical concept and watching them slowly grow. I aim to teach in a way to make learning memorable and 

relatable, helping students to connect to the information and processes so they remember it for years to come. We pull apart all the musical concepts and develop them individually with methods that I have crafted based on my own learning and teaching experience, which works time and time again.

Growth over perfection


Perfectionism creates a lot of anxiety and stress, especially since perfection isn't achievable. Changing the mindset of the student to focus on growth over perfection releases them of the pressure they put on themselves. It gives them the freedom to learn in their own time without deadlines or expectations. With a growth mindset, mistakes are part of the process and crucial learning devices. In each lesson the student isn't expected to have mastered what they are working on, instead they show how they have grown on their own musical journey.

Children learn because they want to


Music is meant to be fun, not another compulsory study children are forced to do. I believe every one of my students should feel like they are choosing to learn on their own accord, not because it is the parent's idea. I encourage my students to grow their skills in a positive and logically way so they see the benefits of investing their time and effort. I highly discourage putting pressure on any student to do more than they can. Instead, I encourage and help develop musicality and growth in a kind and supportive environment so that music helps each student deal with their stress rather than add to it.

adults finding music therapeutic   


Adults learn differently to children as they are more intellectually advanced yet deal with more responsibilities and stress. With this knowledge, I teach in a way to make each lesson a source of relaxation while giving you the skills and knowledge required to play the piano beautifully. Practicing the piano gives you space from the stress so you can do something for yourself and feel the joy of progressing in something positive. There is never any pressure to be perfect or to learn more than you can handle, instead you feel encouraged and supported to learn a beautiful new skill that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Before you sign up, do make sure that you have the time to invest in regular practice so you can receive the full benefits of learning the piano.

Teaching Style



If you would like to sign up for lessons but don't live on the Gold Coast, online lessons are the perfect option for you!


Personalised 1-on-1 lessons via Zoom from the comfort and convenience of your own home, no matter where you are.

I have formulated methods to easily teach online lessons with the same program I teach in my studio.


Resources needed are provided digitally so everything you need is easily accessible.

Using Zoom is very easy and requires just a few simple steps to get it set up. I would work with you to make sure you feel confident in how to make it work so your lessons run smoothly.

Online Lessons

Nicola has always loved going to lessons and I am amazed at Kristy’s patience and ability to relate to her. Kristy is able to make the hard work fun and is constantly motivating and rewarding her to move forward. Kristy seems to have a great knack of knowing how to bring out the best in the kids and her bright and sunny disposition endears her to her students and families. I feel very fortunate that we found Kristy all those years ago and I am very grateful to her for nurturing Nicola’s talents and giving her such a love of the piano.


I have a really high opinion of Kristy because she has changed my whole view of piano. I have never been a fan of practicing in my own time, however, Kristy has the ability to motivate me every week to practice. She always maintains her positive and happy demeanor and believes in each students’ ability. Kristy is a very observant teacher and therefore understands where growth is required and guides her students through these areas. She has a genuine passion for music and has the skill of engaging me with her every word through her enthusiasm and love for the piano.


I enjoy Kristy’s classes because she seems to know how to get the best out of my abilities. When i'm in my lesson I feel like i'm her only student, in that she is totally focused on helping me enjoy learning and embrace learning. I’m really enjoying learning piano with her. 


Kristy is an engaging and patient teacher. She teaches the girls in a way that suits their individual personalities and learning styles. Kristy has developed a great rapport with the girls because she also takes an interest in them personally, which I believe has been a huge factor in them enjoying lessons and wanting to improve. We’ve watched the girls consistently improve in their ability plus their self-confidence, attitude and motivation to improve just keeps increasing thanks to Kristy’s continual encouragement and enthusiasm. 


I have had a few different teachers since I was 5 years old, but none have been able to have such an impact on me and my piano playing. I have really enjoyed my piano lessons with Kristy, and it has made a huge difference to the way I view piano and the way I practice. I feel much more confident, and have greatly improved my sight-reading as well, which has given me the ability to learn and teach myself new songs. My weekly piano lessons have been one of the highlights of my week, and I’ve loved learning with Kristy in such a fun and positive environment.


One thing that stands out about Kristy is her passion for teaching piano in a fun but incredibly effective way. The time and effort spent both during lessons but also outside of lesson time preparing resources and improving the delivery of her practice is a testament to her character. I spent years learning piano when I was younger and barely remember a thing. The way that Kristy teaches I think I will remember what she has taught me forever. I enjoy every lesson I have with Kristy and appreciate her passion, enthusiasm, encouragement and patience! I feel so lucky to have found her as a teacher.


Kristy's love of music and enthusiasm is infectious and my children love attending lessons and practicing at home! Lessons are creative and well planned while also being catered to each individual and their needs. Kristy's yearly concerts are a way for performance skills to be honed in a relaxed and supportive environment.


As a mature age student I was wanting to learn the piano for a second time after giving it away in my teen years. I am very priviledged to have Kristy as a teacher who has taught me that 'music is to be played for enjoyment and to never become a chore'. Her love and passion for the piano is very contagious, such that I now know I cannot imagine my life without a piano and music. Kristy has created a relaxed and happy environment to learn, is familiar with my weaknesses and strengths and always gives encouragement. Her ability as a music teacher for adults is outstanding.


I have never encountered a teacher like Kristy. Kristy is always eager to strengthen your skills and guide you step by step, at your own pace. Not only does her teaching style affect learning the piano, it affects all areas in life. I have come home with so many reasons to improve myself in not just the piano but also in my career. She is quick to adapt to my personality and teaches in a way best suited to me. 



As a mature student, I was concerned about finding a good teacher and something I could fit around work. After having no luck finding someone suitable in my area, Kristy was recommended to me and thankfully she was offering online lessons for those who don’t live close enough to learn in her studio. I absolutely love my lessons and doing it online means I can more easily fit it into my schedule. I love Kristy's teaching methods and I have made fantastic process through the curriculum. With the lessons set up the way they are, I really feel this is something I can continue doing long term, regardless of inevitable changes in day to day life. I am so happy that I chose to start learning online with Kristy and am excited to continue for a long time to come. I highly recommend Kristy as an online piano teacher as a great option for anyone.


My twin boys, aged 7, have been learning piano with Kristy since 2019. They have both developed a great relationship with Kristy and I did not want COVID to impede on their learning. With current social distancing measures in place and the restrictions to travel, I was extremely pleased when I received an email that notified clients that online lessons were available. As I expected, Kristy's super organisational ability meant this transition to move to online lessons was seamless. I received a step by step 'how-to' sheet and we were set up very quickly. Both of my boys are as engaged in online lessons as they are in her studio. I was very keen for my boys to continue their musical journey with Kristy and her ability to adapt in such a positive and smooth way has meant the boy's learning has continued without interruption. The boys look forward to their lessons every week, just as they had done when lessons were face to face. If you are having any doubts about learning piano online, our experience has been nothing but positive. I would recommend Kristy as an excellent piano teacher who is just as brilliant online as she is in person.


My sister and I have been learning piano with Kristy for 5 and a half years. During this time Kristy has always strived to find the most effective way to teach us and make each lesson fun. Recently, due to the Coronavirus, we were unable to have our lessons in her studio anymore. Thankfully, Kristy was easily able transfer our lessons online. I was a little hesitant at first because I was unsure if online lessons would work. Now having learnt online with Kristy it was evident that I had no reason to be concerned. Kristy ensures each online lesson goes smoothly and is a similar experience to a lesson in her studio. It is also nice to have a lesson on my piano and show Kristy where I practiced. I look forward to every lesson whether it be online or in her studio. Once the Coronavirus isn’t an issue anymore, knowing I have the option for online lessons if I’m sick or don’t have a ride is a huge plus!



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